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"Enhance, Extend, Customize, Migrate, Redesign, Integrate..."

Apart from our Healthcare & Logistics Solutions we go extra mile in providing the addon service to our customers.

Services we Provide

Enterprise Application Development

Developing applications for enterprise with user interfaces across devices & form factors - Web, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and TV.

Enterprise Application Integration

Integrate applications using REST Services, Message Driven.

User Interface Design

Requirement Gathering, UX / UI Design, Interactive, Feedback - Iterative, Deliver statice HTML, Develop as Application

Re Engineering & Migration

Specialize in understanding exising legacy system, redeveloping completely or portion of it, writing wrapper to develop a new User Interface, etc.,

Support & Maintanance

We provide 24x7 support, server maintenance, monitoring, housekeeping, bug fixes, change request / enhancements.

Cloud Hosting

We assist in porting applications to cloud, configuring, monitoring & maintaining

Internet of Things (iOT)

Design & Develop solutions using Sensors, Indicators, Audio Output, Displays, Connected to backend system to provide value and regular inputs.

Offshore Team

Prefer to have your own offshore team, dedicated to your projects ?, We do provide our customer with such options as well.

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