Stevedoring Solution helps manage the complete Vessel planning, Anchorage & Shore discharge operation.

  • ETA, Anchorage, Barge Loading & Unloading.
  • Vessel Stoppages, Laytime Calculation.
  • Discharge rate Computation, Shift Wise, BL, BE.
  • Port Surveys.

Vessel Handling

Complete control overall activities during the Vessel Handling operation using both Web & Mobile Apps. Helps to manage all resources.

  • Vessel Planning & Resource requirements.
  • Work Orders / Jobs for Vessel Handling.
  • Intercarting, Onboard, Plot unloading, High Stacking.
  • Laytime Monitoring, Stoppages recording via Mobile Apps.

Cargo Inventory & Delivery

Designed to manage Cargo from multiple Vessels, multiple Cargo by BL, by BE, by Plot / Storage yard

  • Delivery Order.
  • Weigh Bridge Software & Cloud Integration
  • Managing Work Order, Recording Trips all the way to Billing.
  • Muliple Vendors for Trucks.


Facilities moving huge amount of bulk cargo with large number of trucks (either own or hired from multiple sources)

  • Work Order by Job Type
  • Multiple Vendors, Multiple Source / Desitination
  • Billing Rules by Tonnage, by trips, by Vehicle, by Src & Dest
  • Live Loading & Unloading update via Mobile App

Dashboard, KPI & Live Monitoring

All above operation of driving by performance which requires continuous live montoring, post operation analysis. To enable this build in analytics, metrics dashboard for TV Displays.

  • Web based TV Dashboard.
  • Multiple playlist support - Daily Status, Post Operation, KPI & Live Monitoring

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